Maxi Buffer - potable water buffer : 17RB  


Maxi Buffer functions as a buffer tank for large heat pumps/solar collectors, on medium sized to larger systems. In systems requiring large heat transfer capacity from the heat source (often low temerature), the Maxi Buffer is ideal. The unit pre-heats the domestic cold water, and lowers return temperature to the heat pump or solar collectors, thereby increasing efficiency.

Maxi Buffer ensures that the heat pump/solar collectors have optimal working conditions, and provides stable temperature for the system. The 17RB 600 and 1000 litre units have massive 4.1m2 coils. This enables the Maxi Buffer to suit bith medium and larger sized systems. The units have double sets (4pcs.) of flow / return connections (5/4"), which provides all possible options for the system. Series or parallel connections provides flexibility if the system should need more solar collectors. The pressure vesel is manufactured in stainless steel, and is desgined for pressures of up to 10 bar.