NMC has expanded the ARSTYL® wall panel collection with the three dimensional model Flower.

Creative, design-oriented, effective: the ARSTYL® wall panels are setting new standards for stylish, quality wall panels. Their high quality three dimensional surface appeals to interior architects, decorators and designers.

The new design variant Flower was created by the Belgian designer Michaël Bihain, who previously designed six of the existing panels of the NMC ARSTYL® Wall Panels collection. These panels were designer specifically for a hotel project in the Caribbean.

“The relief gives a completely different dimension to an interior,” said Bihain -- emphasising the sculptural effect of the panel. 

The wall designed with flowers is the focal point of the otherwise imposing hotel lobby. Every design variant of the ARSTYL® Wall Panels collection has its own character and constitutes an individual sample field, thanks to the clear structures, shapes and symmetries.

Flower stands out from all other panels because of the graphic design of the floral sample. The panels can be conveniently interconnected or adapted simply and easily as needed. At 1135 mm x 380 mm, Flower is the same size as the other panels. The 3D effect of this model is particularly accentuated thanks to the maximum thickness of 28 mm. If several panels are interconnected, three forms emerge inside the geometric floral image with a completely different optical effect. This translates into great freedom in the graphic transposition or the arrangement of colours.

The harmoniously balanced design makes Flower an impressive supplement to the existing collection. Whether for an entire wall, as a targeted interior highlight, colour ARSTYL® Wall Panels.

Flower accentuation or in combination with light, NMC provides a further creative solution for individual interior decoration with the new, design-oriented wall panel – a solution that meets the most stringent design requirements and is therefore a convincing alternative to wallpaper.

The high quality, three dimensional polyurethane wall panels confer a value-enhancing aspect to interiors in hotels and other representative buildings.

The three dimensional wall design with the ARSTYL® Wall Panels Flower from NMC stands out particularly due to the accentuation of colours. Interiors can be designed individually with an imaginative colour scheme. If several Flower panels are interconnected, three shape patterns emerge inside the geometric floral image with a completely different optical effect.

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