Raised Access Floor  


The access floor is best described as a “secondary floor system”, which provides a service void below its surface suitable to house an almost infinite range of building services all within easy access of the building’s maintenance and service teams. Electrical, water, gas and telecommunications distribution are regularly housed beneath the raised access floor system. It is also common to find the floor void used as an air plenum within specialist controlled areas, including computer rooms and data centers. Services can be quickly accessed for maintenance or reconfiguration by the removal of the modular panels at any point within the floor’s construction.

Yesterday’s technology of relying on fixed trunking systems within the floor screed or running services within perimeter trunking fixed to the wall are a thing of the past. Raised access flooring now provides the complete footprint of the building as a routing medium for the building’s services. The cost of the raised access floor is offset by negating the need for other distribution channels, and the on-costs associated with service and maintenance are significantly reduced as a result. There are several elements to be considered in the selection and installation of a high quality raised access floor system:

  1. The performance and accuracy of the modular panels.
  2. The correct selection of the panel under-structure to ensure correct system load performance.
  3. The correct appointment of a qualified installation team to ensure a correct installation.

The first two of the above elements are tightly controlled by Newfloor, whose commitment to manufacturing to exacting tolerances and rigorously testing of its products take away the opportunity for errors. The third aspect, installation, while more difficult to control, is closely regulated by the choice of professional contracting partners from around the world who have the experience and expertise to deliver the finished/installed system.

Quality of the core materials employed in the manufacturing process combined with precision manufacturing ensure a finished product produced to exacting tolerances and guaranteed performance to provide years of faultless service.

With an almost infinite choice of surface finishes, Newfloor produce an impressive range of panel constructions and modular dimensions incorporating: High Pressure Laminate, Static Control Vinyl, Carpet, Hardwood, Porcelain and natural or reconstituted Marble and Granite. Newfloor excels in producing precision raised access flooring systems and is passionate about delivering perfection at every stage.

In addition to employing top quality raw materials within the manufacturing process, Newfloor places special attention on the visual aesthetic and overall quality of the finished floor panels. This is due to the fact that raised access flooring has become an important integral architectural element that architects and designers can introduce design and creativity alongside of functionality and flexibility. As a result, the building’s occupants are provided with the highest level of visual

impact, modernity, elegance and comfort. A real benefit resulting in increased performance and wellbeing of the people who may live or work within the building.

Backing panels

There are three types of backing panels available:

  • high and very high density wood chipboard bonded with low formaldehyde resins, from 28 to 38mm thick
  • high and very high density aggregate mix of calcium sulphate and fibres, producing a non-combustible material offering good load bearing and acoustic performance (reduced foot traffic noise), from 12 mm to 34 mm thick.
  • Totally Inert monolithic structural core with glass reinforced matting providing high load bearing characteristics and an extremely high density of 2,200 kg/m3.


Having an extensive range of quality factory bonded finishes to choose from is paramount. Newfloor offers an almost infinite range of surface finishes suitable to varying technical requirements from which the customer can choose.

Standard finishes include, but are not limited to: High Pressure Laminate, Static Control Vinyl, Linoleum, Carpet, Hardwood, Porcelain, Marble and Granite, Reconstituted Stone, Stainless Steel and even Glass. Panels can be supplied in a wide range of sizes up to 600 mm x 1200 mm. The underside of the panel can be finished with either aluminium foil, HPL or a galvanized steel tray dependent upon the load bearing requirements specified.