Sealwall Liquid Holding Tanks  


Sealwall liquid holding tanks, one of our elite products have undergone years of research and development to create a robust, precast solution for storing water without the need for in situ concrete make up pieces. Cast in segmental units up to a storage height of 4m, Sealwall liquid holding tanks can be situated above or below ground and be positioned in square, rectangular or circular arrangements.

The liquid holding tanks have a unique jointing system that ensures a watertight and secure connection between adjacent panels. Meeting the stringent requirements of both BS 8007 and EC2, our Sealwall liquid holding tanks are largely used within the water industry for:

  • Sludge storage
  • Storm water overflow
  • Sewage tanks
  • Above ground water storage
  • Below ground water storage
  • Clean or dirty water storage
  • Off/online water authority storage

The advantages of investing in Liquid Holding Tanks are:

  • Advantages over traditional construction
  • Reduction in build time up to 50%
  • Reduction in overall costs up to 34%
  • Standard products available
  • Reduced supervision
  • Quality control in factory conditions
  • Reduced design and site costs