With heights ranging up to 3.8m high (Supplied in 2.4, 3 & 3.6 metre high as standard, other heights to order), Rockwell precast wall units are the ideal answer to most bulk storage containment needs. Cast as ‘L’ shaped wall sections, they can be used to retain earth and most bulk materials both above and below ground. Used widely in recycling and agricultural industries for dividing waste and by-products, Rockwall is an all round solution to everyday production needs.

Rockwall can be positioned in long lengths or, utilising corner sections, from infinite sized storage bunkers or skip bays as in a modern transfer station.

Rockwall also has the basic ability to act as a retaining structure in general applications such as ground walling, perimeter boundaries and changes in levels, mainly where constraints such as access and time are paramount. The Rockwall retaining units can be cast in to new concrete slabs or bolted down to new or existing concrete foundations.

Cut-outs for pipe entry & notches for duct intrusions are available at casting stage. Our advisory service will help you plan your layout Supervision or erection of units can be carried out on prepared sites where required. Layout drawings, method statements/specifications are supplied as standard.