Fire-Spec Lintels  


The Naylor fire specification range is another one of our Hi-Spec units but with the added benefit of increased fire protection. Anything from a standard stock item to 2 hours and a 7-day specials service is available with up to 4 hours fire protection.

The Hi-Spec range or high strength range is the backbone of the company and the construction industry.  The Hi-Spec lintel is one of the most specified lintel ranges in the country.  The method of manufacture gives a high performance pre-stressed concrete unit designed for use in plastered situations.

This range can also be used as ground beams being able to be used directly off pad foundations saving you time and money and if used in conjunction with our steel lintel can comply with part E:2002 and Par L:2002 to solve thermal bridging and acoustic problems. All units are pre-stressed to ensure optimum performance and come with 30 minutes fire rating as standard.

Finish – ex-steel mould.  Possibility of air holes, small amounts of aggregates on the surface and seepage of concrete fines to the bottom arises.

All Hi-Spec concrete lintels are available in short lengths for use as high compression padstones.  Naylor Hi-Spec lintels are available in standard lengths from 600mm to 360mm long.

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