SMARTPLY PROPASSIV is a structural OSB panel with integrated vapour control and air barrier properties for use as structural sheathing in timber frame structures. Airtightness is engineered into the OSB panel substrate, whilst SMARTPLY'S in-house speciality surfacing technology provides an integrated vapour barrier with consistently high vapour resistance over the entire surface. SMARTPLY PROPASSIV meets all the requirements of EN 300 for the production of OSB3 panels and therefore can be installed as any other OSB3 panel.

  • Dimensions 2397 x 1197
  • Thickness 12.5mm
  • Suitability/use SMARTPLY PROPASSIV is designed for use as internal structural sheathing on the warm side of the insulation in timber frame construction systems. The integrated vapour control and air barrier properties eliminate the need for additional AVCL membranes. The coating also provides a smooth durable surface for superior bonding of airtight tape at panel joints. The product is suitable for both new build and renovation projects.
  • Air-tightness (EN 12207) SMARTPLY PROPASSIV is the first air tight timber is classified by The PassivHaus Institute