Canterbury Handmade Clay Plain Tiles  


The Canterbury range provides a genuine handmade appearance that specifiers are looking for in today’s market.  The traditional hand making process used to create the range brings random undulations and variations that give each tile a unique appearance and character. The tiles are available in three rich colours with soft edges, fully formed nibs and a sandfaced texture which is synonymous with the handmaking process.

The Loxleigh handmade clay plain tile has a subtle variation in colour, ranging from red to grey and black with a sanded finish that gives a premium antique reclaimed appearance. The Burford has a rich red-brown tone in a fully sanded texture, which adds warmth and character to the roof. Finally, the Chailey has a more vibrant orange tone with a sandfaced texture that can be used on the main roof, or as a perfect contrast tile for vertical detailing.

In addition, all three colours can be mixed on the roof to create your own unique blend and give a patchwork of colours that is often seen on traditional roofs in Suffolk, Sussex and Kent. Canterbury clay plain tiles are also available with a complementary range of traditional handmade fittings and decorative accessories to achieve the perfect finish.

  • Dimensions 265mm x 165mm
  • Minimum pitch 40°
  • Maximum pitch 90°
  • Minimum headlap 65mm (roof), 35mm (vertical)
  • Maximum gauge 100mm (roof) , 115mm (vertical)
  • Cover width 165mm (nominal)
  • Coverage 60 tiles m2 at 100mm gauge (roof), 53 tiles m2 at 115mm gauge (vertical)
  • Weight 74 kg/m2 (0.73kN/m2) at 100mm gauge (roof), 66 kg/m2 (0.64kN/m2) at 115mm gauge (vertical)
  • Battens required (net) 10.0 lin.m/m2 at 100mm gauge (roof) , 8.7 lin.m/m2 at 115mm gauge (roof)
  • Batten size recommended 38 x 25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 600mm centres (fixed to BS 5534)
  • Tile nails 38mm x 2.65mm
  • Material(s) Etruria Marl
  • Recyclable content Can be crushed and used as aggregate and/or as an inert bulk fill