Listone Giordano

Listone Giordano

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06089 Z.I. Miralduolo di Torgiano Perugia Italy

Tel: +44 (0) 1371 873313

UK Partners Bluebell Architectural & Design Products 3 Martels Industrial Estate, High Easter Road, Barnston, Essex, CM6 1NA

Tel: 075 +39 988681

Our Expertise...

Real wood flooring has always carried a certain mystique, a tactile beauty synonymous with luxury; but wooden flooring, like everything, must move with the times. Here at Listone Giordano our aim has been to take this raw material to new heights, creating an approach to wooden flooring that is both innovative and authentic.

Revolutionising the classical flooring layouts and textures that are a huge part of our company's history, we are bringing fresh modern creations to the fore, combining time-honoured craftsmanship with designer flair.

Sustainable Materials...

A vast percent of our raw materials are sourced from our own Oak woodlands, which are maintained to the highest possible environmental standard. This dedication to the environment is ingrained in every aspect of manufacture; creating quality wooden floors that are stamped with their own individual texture and beauty. 

All products are sourced ethically and are free from formaldehyde and other harmful agents.  


Founded in Italy, Listone Giordano has gained worldwide acclaim as the creators of engineered wooden flooring and tongue and groove technology. 

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The importance of wooden flooring can’t be understated.