Multi V 5  


Dual Sensing Control

Dual Sensing control senses both humidity and temperature for economical and comfortable operation.

Smart Load Control

Smart Load Control manages cooling load by sensing both temperature and humidity to increase energy efficiency.

Comfort Cooling

Comfort Cooling helps maintain operation at mild cooling mode without stopping in between operations

Large Capacity Outdoor Unit

Biomimetics technology - based fans of MULTI V 5 increases air flow rate and reduces power consumption. Along with other improvements in core parts, MULTI V 5 single outdoor unit can provide large capacity up to 26HP.

Flexible Installation Area

Large capacity outdoor units of MULTI V 5 allow flexible use of floor space by minimizing installation area and significantly decreasing total installed weights.

Ultimate Inverter Compressor

Ultimate Inverter Compressor improves engery efficiency and enhances compressor reliability.

Continuous Heating

With delayed defrost via humidity sensor, partial defrost and smart oil management via oil sensor, continuous heating technology has been improved.