LG Therma V  


Renewable Energy Solution

Your home is always warm and cozy with LG Therma V

Energy Savings

LG Therma V is run by renewable energy. It absorbs natural energy from outside air; thus consuming less energy compared to conventional heating system.

Cost Savings

LG Therma V helps you reduce your heating bills since the energy cost is lower compared to conventional oil/gas boiler.


LG Therma V is an environmental friendly heating system for your home. It’s green!

Comfortable Heating

LG THERMA V will help you keep comfortably warm in the winter season.

Stable Operation

LG Therma V runs smoothly without error even in the freezing winter.

Back-Up Heater

Even when error occurs in cold winter, LG Therma V won’t shut down immediately and keep running for you to have time to fix the problem.

Convenient Installation

You can skip the hassle since there is no need to work refrigerant piping of your house all over again, which means easier and quicker installation.