Concealed Duct  


Invisible Cooling

LG Ducted air conditioner is a comfortable cooling solution that does not hurt the
interior aesthetics.

External Static Pressure (ESP) Control

Regardless of external static pressure, optimal airflow cools every room and every corner of your house or office consistently and accurately to reach desired temperature.

Two Thermistors Control

Comfortable atmosphere is ensured with dual temperature sensors.

Design Excellence

LG’s ducted air conditioners are stylish that provide numerous design benefits.

Flexible Installation

Air intake can be from the bottom or from the rear, which makes the installation flexible.

Compact Design

LG ducted air conditioners is slim and compact in height so that installation is much more convenient.

Easy Service & Maintenance

Users don’t always need to remove the whole panel for maintenance since the panels are separately detached for heat exchanger and fan/motor.