By mixing natural materials like pebbles and crushed aggregates in different shades and grain sizes with coloured hydraulic mortar, we can create natural flooring that’s both high durable and looks amazing. Cast decorative floors made from pebbles and chippings combined with basic ingredients like pozzolana, hydrated lime plus non-alkaline cement, are suitable for outdoor spaces, car ramps, pavements, squares and other spaces with high footfall.

Due to their slip resistance and high durability they are the ideal choice for landscaping the area around pools. They also perform exceptionally well in coastal areas. Available in different shades and surface textures depending on the application method use, these floorings can be cast on a lightweight concrete footing to create an uninterrupted pebbled and chipping floor (the pebbles/chippings usually range from 5cm to 7cm depending on use and are evenly spread throughout the entire mix).

  • Thickness 5-15cm
  • Weight (packaged) 25kg bags or 1000 big bags
  • VOC emissions 0%
  • Colour(s) 38
  • Installation temperature 5 to 25 degrees Celsius