Knauf Comfortboard is a revolutionary new plasterboard which significantly reduces or completely avoids the energy consumption of conventional air conditioning and heating in a building, resulting in both energy and cost savings.Using Micronal phase change material from BASF, this innovative plasterboard absorbs heat energy during the day and releases it at night, keeping living and work areas at a steadier temperature. During warm days, the building interior stays comfortably cooler, with little or no need for air conditioning. Overnight, as the temperature drops, Knauf Comfortboard releases heat energy back into the room and is then ready to capture excess heat the following day.

Thermal mass without the weight

An effective way to maintain a pleasant temperature in summer is to increase the thermal capacity of a structure. By absorbing heat in walls or ceilings and releasing it at the right moment, thermal mass acts as a buffer against temperature fluctuations. This is especially true for lightweight structures, which are more prone to overheating in the summer.

Knauf Comfortboard achieves thermal mass, but at a fraction of the weight, giving savings across the build programme. And because it’s so simple to install, Knauf Comfortboard is also ideal for upgrading thermal performance in existing buildings.

  • Thickness 12.5mm
  • Width(s) 1250mm
  • Length(s) 2000mm
  • Weight 11kg/m2