Wallint® 50  


Klober’s Wallint® 50 is a combined air barrier and vapour control layer. It has a vapour resistance of 250MNsg, meeting the requirements of BS9250 (Code of Practice for design of the airtightness of ceilings in pitched roofs). As even thicker layers of insulation are installed to comply with more demanding Building Regulations, so it becomes increasingly important to provide an air barrier and vapour control layer on the warm side of the insulation. Wallint® 50 has been especially developed for this purpose.


  • Material(s) Composite PP-spun fleece with coating
  • Roll length 50 x 1.5m (75m2), 9.5kg
  • Suitability/use The inner face of an insulated roof, Walls (incl timber frame) & cold and warm roof applications, Ceilings & walls of rooms-in-the-roof, and on the ceilings below non-habitable lofts.
  • Resistance to heat (EN12101-2) -40ºC /+80ºC
  • Tear strength/resistance 165N, 175N
  • Tensile strength 200N/50mm 160N/50mm
  • Fire resistance Class (EN 13501-1) E
  • Water vapour transmission EN 1931 (sd-value) 50m
  • Water vapour transmission after ageing EN 1296, EN 1931 Passed
  • Water vapour transmission 250 MNsg