Permo TR plus tape  


Permo® TR plus is an essential product for reducing energy loss through the roof. It is a multifunctional adhesive tape, ideal for creating airtight seals between laps in underlays or vapour control layers/air barriers, repairing holes in underlays/vcls and sealing around pipe sealing collars

  • Suitability/use Ideal for joining, repairing and creating airtight seals for roofing membranes
  • Material(s) Acrylic adhesive with PE release paper
  • Special features Single-sided transparent tape, Includes a reinforcement mesh for strength, Multi-functional tape, used for joining, repairing and creating airtight seals, Ideal for use with Wallint® solar since it maintains its low emissivity properties, Extremely durable
  • Installation temperature >+5°C
  • Resistance to ageing Acrylic adhesive does not dry out or become brittle. It remains permanently elastic & adhesive
  • Shelf life 12 months at ≤30°C
  • Thickness 0.3mm