S-400 Timber Doors  


For those who love the sheer beauty of natural materials (and who doesn’t?), Spitfire’s new S-400 Modern Timber doors range really is the obvious choice. The outerfaces of each door are solidly constructed from West Canadian red cedar (‘thuja plicata’), a species justly renowned for the exceptional beauty of its grain, its rarity and great durability. Western Red Cedar has superior thermal insulating properties and is far superior to brick, concrete and steel. This helps keep buildings cools in the summer and reduce heating costs in the winter. 

The beautiful fine grain also enables a superbly smooth finish, stained to bring out the natural colour of the wood in all its glory. The warm glow of the timber is superbly offset by the cool modernity of stainless steel hardware and subtly elegant aesthetic touches such as organic glass insets, wholly exclusive to Spitfire Doors. When properly finished and maintained, cedar will deliver decades of low maintenance timber.