Varisol Evacuated Tubes: DF, HP90, HP135  


Varisol is the first solar evacuated tube collector with no rigid manifold offering high performance as well as total flexibility. The revolutionary new design of Varisol offers a modern and flexible alternative to traditional rigid manifold system.

It combines award-winning technology of Thermomax HP and DF evacuated tubes with a unique design which allow tubes to simply click fit together to create collectors of varying sizes (up to 150 tubes in a row). 

Features and Benefits  

  • Designed especially for Northern European climate
  • Exactly sized - only pay for what you need (i.e. 24 tube collector)
  • Expandable as needs change - can grow the system with your family
  • Available as Heat Pipe and Direct Flow
  • Lightweight and easy to install – no heavy lifting equipment required
  • Up to 20 years guarantee (when installed by a Kingspan Solar Accredited Installer)
  • 5 year warranty against hail damage
  • MCS approved 


  • Dimensions (each tube) 1950 x 70.9 x 70.9mm, 1955 x 70.9 x 70.9mm, 1955 x 70.9 x 70.9mm
  • Weight (each tube) 2.2 kg, 2.13 kg, 2.13 kg