Cavity Wall Wide Outer Leaf Lintels  


Standard galvanised steel lintels. All Keystone standard lintels satisfy the thermal performance of all UK building regulations.

Standard load: S/K-90 WOL, S/K-110 WOL, S/K-150 WOL
Heavy duty load: HD/K-90 WOL, HD/K-110 WOL, HD/K-150 WOL
Heavy duty load: XHD/K-90 WOL, XHD/K-100 WOL, XHD/K-150 WOL
Extra heavy duty load: CFS/K-90 WOL, CFS/K-110 WOL, CFS/K-150 WOL
Extra heavy duty load: XCFS/K-90 WOL, XCFS/K-110 WOL, XCFS/K-150 WOL
Extreme load: X/K-90 WOL, X/K-110 WIL, X/K-150 WOL

  • Dimensions Sizes available for cavity widths 50-165mm, 125-150mm outer leaf/215mm outer leaf
  • Material(s) Steel / Stainless steel as required
  • Colour(s) Silver
  • Abrasion resistance