Flat Roof System  


Many properties have extensions with flat or near flat roofs. Keylite has developed a Flat Roof System specifically for this application, which allows daylight into the area beneath. 

  • Dimensions 550x780mm (structural opening 530x1000), 550x980mm (structural opening 530x1200), 660x1180mm (structural opening 640x1400), 780x980mm (structural opening 760x1200), 780x1180mm (structural opening 760x1400), 780x1400mm (structural opening 760x1620), 940x1600mm (structural opening 920x1820), 1140x1180mm (structural opening 1120x1400), 1340x980mm (structural opening 1320x1200), 1340x1400 (structural opening 1320x1620)
  • Finish/effect/texture White finish / Pine Finish
  • Special features Insulated timber upstand, Centre pivot thermal roof window, FRS flashings to integrate the window onto the timber upstand, Ideal solution for warm roof applications below 15 degrees