Ketley Patterned Pavers: Diamond chequer, 2 panel, 8 panel, star  


Typical of the Victorian era, Ketley patterned pavers are the authentic product, the perfect match for restoration or an ideal means of achieving a traditional, period look.

Ketley chequered and panelled pavers were widely used by the Victorians beside their canal and railway systems and in their industrial and urban developments. 

Ketley Panel pavers are also very popular for stables and yards, these are called a variety of names including stable block pavers or cobbles, blocks, chocolate bar or square sets. These are authentic Victorian clay pavers, produced the same way and to the same designs as they were in Victorian times.  Their very high durabilty and grip make them ideal for use within stables or on courtyards.

Patterned designs not only shed water rapidly and provide enhanced traction,  their traditional designs also add a long established look and a strong aesthetic appeal.

Ketley Patterned Pavers are also particularly effective when used to break up large areas, by providing contrasting banding or by adding interest and texture.

  • Transverse break load T4
  • Slip/skid resistance U3
  • Abrasion resistance A3
  • Freeze/thaw resistance FP100
  • Material(s) Etruria Marl Clay
  • Finish/effect/texture patterned