Ketley Brown Brindle Clay Pavers: Square edge or chamfered  


Ketley clay pavers have an inherent natural beauty and strength.  Widely used by the Victorians beside their canal and railway systems and in their industrial and urban developments, Ketley Pavers have passed the ultimate test - "the test of time".

Ketley pavers are manufactured to the highest standards in the UK. Their Brown Brindle Pavers are a unique product, the result of careful control of the kiln atmosphere during the firing process, which produces and aesthetically pleasing random colour variation and an organic appearance when laid.

With most paving projects, over 80% of the expense is in the laying and fitting, so choosing a high quality paver, where the colour does not fade over time, will only marginally affect the initial cost.

The continuing popularity of Ketley Pavers lies in their strength, durability, and lasting colour.

  • Material(s) Etruria Marl Clay
  • Finish/effect/texture dragfaced
  • Abrasion resistance A3
  • Transverse break load T4
  • Slip/skid resistance U3
  • Freeze/thaw resistance FP100