Ketley Brick Slips: extruded 15mm or 18mm  


Ketley extruded brick slips eliminate the need and cost to cut down bricks for use with pre-fabricated panels and other cladding solutions.  They can be used in combination  with Ketley class A Staffordshire bricks and specials as they are made in the same plant, using the same clay and firing techniques.

This offers flexibility to architects and designers to use the most cost effective materials for the project without compromising on appearance or requiring cutting.  Ketley Brick Slips use only 30% of the embodied carbon of a traditional cut brick.  They are a highly durable, sustainable and cost effective choice for construction.

Extruded pistol bricks for corners and returns are also manufactured to complement the range of brick slips, and they are fired alongside the slips to ensure consistancy of colour.

  • Durability F2 (Frost Resistant)
  • Water absorption (%) <4.5%
  • Dry weight per brick 18mm 0.57kg per slip 15mm 0.45kg per slip
  • Dimensional tolerance mean T2
  • Dimensional tolerance range R1
  • Material(s) Etruria Marl Clay
  • Finish/effect/texture Smooth/sanded/textured/dragface