Fingerprint system  


Access control by fingerprint

The Fingerprint System is used for access control in the indoor area for the protection of highly sensitive corporate areas. The fingerprint system checks the access permission of persons based on their fingerprint which – because of its uniqueness – is considered to be a method for identifying persons that is beyond doubt. The sensor that is built into the device is like a line scanner and creates an image of the fingerprint that has been read. This is stored and recognised again at the next access attempt. The system shows through the flashing of the corresponding LEDs in the same way as a traffic light if the user is to be given access.

The Fingerprint System must first learn three master fingerprints as part of the commissioning. This provides the prerequisites for learning up to 50 additional fingerprints. The installation of the device is done in a DIN flush-mounted socket with a separate power supply. It is supplied ready for connection for standard door openers using a 12 volt supply.

The Fingerprint System is available in the A, CD and LS series.