Wall transmitters

  • Battery-driven wall transmitters in 1, 2, 3 and 4-channel versions operate with each actuator from the eNet system.
  • Transmission of commands to operate switch, dimmer, blind and complete scenario functions
  • Status reports are provided through red and green LEDs
  • Available in the AS, A, CD and LS ranges
  • Key labelling can be carried out by laser engraving or colour print by means of the Graphic Tool

Hand transmitters

  • Remote control of the eNet functions and scenarios
  • Hand transmitters with display: clear text display (editable); display composition by rooms, users and favourites; operation by large keys and a navigation cross; wake-up function through an integrated acceleration sensor
  • Other versions: 2-channel, 4-channel and 1-channel hand transmitters with toggle function

Operation by Smartphone

  • Smartphone operation of functions anywhere in your own wireless local area network by means of the IP gateway and eNet app
  • The IP gateway with wall holder can be connected to up to five smartphones in parallel.
  • It is integrated with 24 channels for operating eNet actuators, 20 lists for combining favourites and 16 scenarios
  • Its operation is enabled by means of a fixed IP address or wireless network router and a USB power supply
  • Operation of functions and scenarios is carried out an eNet app (available free from the iTunes App Store and from Google Play)

Wireless gateway plug adapter

  • This acts as a "translator" between eNet and the JUNG wireless management system
  • For controlling eNet actuators through the wireless management transmitter
  • For controlling wireless management actuators through eNet transmitters
  • 24 channels can be combined from both systems
  • Seven scenarios can be called up from both systems
  • This way any existing JUNG wireless management facilities can be controlled by Smartphone in combination with the IP gateway and eNet app