Modern sewerage systems demand a new generation of pipework and components that focus on installation, sustainability and compliance.

JDP provides ULTRA3 sewer drainage system, sized from 110mm to 315mm, that offers a dual-purpose system for underground drainage.

Manufactured from PVC-U and conforming to BS EN 13476-2 as a SN8-rated smooth-wall structured layer pipe, ULTRA3 can be used in both house drainage (100/110mm & 150/160mm) and adoptable sewers (150/160mm - 300/315mm) compliant with water authority requirements.

With a full combination of fittings ULTRA3 is the ultimate underground sewer drainage system.

Features and benefits

Installation & Maintenance

  • An integral seal quickens installation, increases seal quality and reduces delays and air test failure rates
  • ULTRA3 provides a direct connection to PPIC and AXEDO® chambers without the use of adaptors
  • Inherent resistance to potential damage from cleaning and maintenance
  • High pressure water jetting tested in accordance with WIS 4-35-01 with a maxmimum resistance of 3770 psi (260 bar) exceeding water authority requirements


  • Pipework manufactured with at least 40% recycled material to EN 13476-2 with an intermediary layer of recycled PVC, with virgin PVC inner and outer layers
  • Makes 100/110mm and 150/160mm pipework 20-25% lighter than EN 1401 pipework
  • Provides safe and easier handling on site and a reduced carbon footprint compared to alternative systems


  • ULTRA3 SN8 pipework conforms to BS EN 13476-2:2007
  • ULTRA3 fittings certified (Kitemarked) to BS EN 1401-1:2009
  • 100/110mm and 150/160mm sewer pipe manufactured in 3m and 6m lengths for house/plot drainage
  • 100/100mm, 150/160mm, 185/200mm, 225/250mm and 300/315mm sewer pipe manufactured in 3m lengths in accordance with water authority requirements