Accoya - FSC®  


Accoya® wood is a modified wood.  Manufactured using a non-toxic treatment and timber sourced from sustainable forests, Accoya® wood has properties that match those of the best tropical hardwoods.

Accoya® wood is sourced from sustainable sources, including FSC and has class leading environmental credentials such as Cradle to Cradle™ Gold certification by the highly prestigious McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) organization.

All exterior applications including windows, doors, decking, cladding.  Accoya® wood’s high strength to weight ratio also makes it suitable for challenging external applications, such as road traffic bridges.

A1 Grade FSC
25 x 100mm          25 x 150mm
25 x 200mm          32 x 150mm
38 x 150mm          50 x 150mm
63 x 150mm

A1 Grade Finger Jointed FSC
50 x 100mm          50 x 150mm
63 x 75mm            63 x 100mm
63 x 125mm          63 x 150mm
75 x 75mm            75 x 100mm
75 x 125mm          75 x 150mm

Finger Jointed lengths are 6.0m