Tempo Continuous LST  


Continuous casing from wall-to-wall based on the Tempo LST casing, Jaga Low-H2O heat exchanger and standard options, like in-and outside corners, connecting pieces, wall-connections and special brackets with holes for pipes. Offers the opportunity to conceal pipework and can be extended with cable duct for concealing electrical wiring.

Extremely suitable for all large and small projects such as offices, shopping centres, doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, etc.

Jaga’s innovative ‘click’ system allows for assembly of all components without tools and finished with strong synthetic closing profiles.


  • Brackets with cut outs for pipe work (subject to height and element type)
  • Can run wall to wall
  • Internal & external corners
  • Split deliveries available of elements & brackets with casings to follow
  • A full site survey by a Jaga product specialist to site measure before preparing an official quotation

Jaga Continuous Tempo LST, heights start from 200mm increasing in 100mm increments up to a recommended maximum height of 700mm. Lengths are made up of standard Tempo casings ranging from 400mm up to 3000mm with joining strips to make bespoke runs.

  • Height(s) 200mm (minimum), 700mm (maximum)
  • Length(s) 400mm (minimum), 3000mm (maximum)