With its low temperature casing and rounded corners, the Play radiator was designed with childrens' best interests in mind. Perfect for domestic, educational or healthcare scenarios, the Play offers a colourful, but safe way to warm interiors. Along with LST casing and standard pencil-proof grille, to prevent smaller objects falling within the casing, the Play’s valves and pipework can be hidden safely behind the casing, while Jaga's Low-H2O heat exchanger helps keep energy bills at bay. Pair with DBE technology for even greater power and efficiency. This heater can also be used with heat pumps.

  • Height(s) 350mm (minimum), 650mm (maximum)
  • Length(s) 600mm (minimum), 1200mm (maximum)
  • Colour(s) Play4Boy, Play4Girl, Piano, Play White, Play Black