Jaga Heating Products (UK) Ltd

Jaga Heating Products (UK) Ltd

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Jaga House Orchard Business Park Bromyard Road Ledbury Herefordshire HR8 1LG

Tel: 01531 631533 Fax: 01531 631534

Jaga manufactures a wide range of energy-efficient heating solutions designed to reduce fuel consumption and provide greater heating comfort through application of its unique award-winning Low-H2O technology.

Jaga’s Low-H2O means ‘low mass, low water content’. Low thermal inertia means that Jaga’s heat emitters heat a room far quicker than other radiators and maintain the temperature more accurately. Jaga‘s products include LST (Low Surface Temperature) radiators, Dynamic Boost Effecti (DBE) radiators specifically designed for effective use with heat pumps, Oxygen an intelligent demand controlled heating and ventilation systems, trench and perimeter heating solutions and eye-catching designer radiators.

Kiwa has awarded Jaga Low H2O radiators and Oxygen Ventilation system as 'The Most Economical' in recent testing.

The Jaga range is suitable for all types of residential and commercial applications and projects, from major office developments to schools and residential care, or for private homes.