Titano ( Granitor  


Fully vitrified glazed porcelain, coloured throughout the whole thickness with the same shades as the surface, which sythesizes the innovative features of the latest generation of glazed, homogeneous tiles.
This line is characterized by high levels of resistance to wear, slipperiness (R9), warping, frost and stains.

  • Dimensions 60x60 cmx10.5mm; 30x60 cmx9.5mm; 30x60 cmx9.5mm; 45x45cmx9.5mm; 45x15cmx9.5mm; 22,5x45cmx9.5mm; 30x45cmx9.5mm & 30x30 cmx9.5mm.
  • Material(s) Porcelain
  • Colour(s) 1. Buxy, 2.Caen, 3.Cardoso, 4.Chambrod, 5.Champagne, 6.Grigio Ash & 7.Matraia.
  • Finish/effect/texture Polished, Nooned, Bocciardato R 11 A+B & Naturale.
  • Special features Trims: Bullnoses, Step tread, Gradone & Terminale, Angolare.
  • Suitability/use Ideal solution for high traffic places, with significant physical-chemical stress, but can also be used for residential: The most prestigious lines successfully matching sturdiness and a great esthetic refinement, are especially Indicated for these uses.