Resin-marble is a precast material composed of marble chipping bonded together with special resins and pigments. The agglomerated Marble, compared to natural marbles and granites, have undoubted advantages: - greater chance of retrieval of the stone also from fractured rocks or with insufficient mechanical features for working in blocks and slabs. - better mechanical properties can be determined with greater confidence. - more uniform in color and texture. - possibility of new design solutions, obtained by mixing different materials. - competitive cost.

  • Dimensions 50x30x1.2cm; 60x30x1.2cm; 60X40x1.2cm; 30x30x1.2cm; 40X40x1.2cm; 60x60x1.2cm. 
  • Material(s) Marble chipps, Resins & pigments. 
  • Colour(s) 1. Arctic White, 2.Baltic Grey, 3.Beige Luna, 4.Bianco Islanda, 5.Botticino, 6.Breccia Aurora, 7.Breccia Oniciata, 8.Calacatta, 9.Carrara Micro, 10.Crystal White, 11.Fior Di Pesco, 12.Giallo Reale, 13.Grigio Carnico, 14.Grigio Londra, 15.Grigio Torun, 16.Misty White, 17.New Marfil, 18.Nordic Black, 19.Olympo, 20.Perlato Royal, 21.Rasotica, 22.Rosa Del Grada, 23.Rosa Perlino, 24.Rosso Asiago, 25.Rosso Levanto, 26.Venus, 27.Verde Alpi, 28.White Iceberg & 29.White Pearl.
  • Finish/effect/texture Standard surface, polished and honed. On request they can be also brushed, sandblasted and anti-slip finishes.
  • Abrasion resistance