Pietre Rare (Granitores)  


GRANITOGRES is the evolved expression of fully vitrified porcelain stoneware. It is suitable both for dry and wet or humid rooms (in the specific surface) and is available in several natural and relief surfaces.

  • Dimensions 30x60 cmx9.5mm; 15x60 cmx9.5mm; 30x30 cmx9.5mm; 60x60 cmx10.5mm; 40x40 cmx9.5 mm.
  • Material(s) Porcelain
  • Colour(s) 1.Monviso, 2.Serena, 3.Varana, 4.Cividale Brown, 5.Cividale Grey & 6.Gascogne.
  • Finish/effect/texture Polished, Natural, Satin Finished, Mat & bocciardato.
  • Special features Trims: Bullnoses, Insert, Listel, Terminale Step treatd, Gradone &Angolare.
  • Suitability/use "Granitogres can be used both for floor and wall tiling, and Is the ideal solution for high traffic places, with significant physical-chemical stress, but can also be used for residential Architecture."