Mineral Chrome (Pietre Native )  


Produced in porcelain stoneware, the line is the result of avantgarde production technology enhanced by a search for aesthetics and stylistic innovation, guaranteeing perfect synthesis between structural and aesthetic quality.

  • Dimensions 30x30 cmx9.5mm; 30x60 cmx9.5mm; 45x45cmx9.5mm; 15x15cmx8.3mm; 15x30cmx8.3mm.
  • Material(s) Porcelain
  • Colour(s) 1. Mineral Beige, 2.Mineral Black, 3.Mineral Brown, 4.Mineral Gold, 5.Mineral Grey & 6.Mineral White.
  • Finish/effect/texture Mat R10 A+B
  • Special features Trims: Bullnoses, Step tread, Insert, Listel, Gradone & Angolare.
  • Suitability/use Its high performance and huge layout possibilities make the PIETRE NATIVE series the ideal solution for flooring and wall coverings, for both interiors and exteriors in all sectors: from residential building to commercial architecture, to urban furnishing and renovation works.