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In Opera is a manufacturer of high quality Italian tiles, specialising in natural stone, marble and derivatives such as terrazzo agglomerates in both tiles and slabs, complemented by an exclusive range of porcelain tiles and mosaics.

Key to our success is our professional and experienced team, working closely with our factories to source the latest styles, colours and finishes to meet your bespoke and technical requirements. 

We deliver environmentally friendly standard ranges available also in tailor-made solutions for high traffic areas such as transportation, in store, landscaping, luxury living and general commercial applications to suit all budgets. Highly regarded amongst property owners, installers, architects and designers, In Opera is truly passionate about delivering a first class and competitive service. Visit our London showrooms conveniently located near Centre Point and West London, an opportunity to meet the team, view our extensive product collection and recent prestigious projects.

Natural Stone, Marble & Granite
Natural stones such as natural granite, quartz, onyx, travertine, limestone and marble exude natural beauty with each stone displaying unique characteristics to create an individual design. Available in hundreds of natural colours they are highly durable, easy to maintain, with the option of different finishes either cut to standard or specific sizes.

Terazzo Agglomerate Marble, Granite and Non slip solutions, available in both cement and resin mixes
Terazzo Agglomerates are man-made materials, combining up to 95% natural products available as tiles, slabs and blocks, developed as a more practical and cost effective solution to natural stone. This product is the result of an environmentally friendly manufacturing process which utilises the parts of the marble quarry that traditionally are discarded, seasoned using natures own extracts, with no heat or waste. For every lorry load of material there are no significant volumes of production waste, common in most manufacturing methodologies. 

Compared to natural marbles and granites, it has a number of distinct advantages; more uniform in colour and texture, possibility of new design solutions by mixing different materials and increased stain resistance, whilst still retaining the eternal beauty of the natural materials that make up its component parts. Globally specified in airports, railway and underground stations, shopping centres and public places where the amplitude of the surface requires a greater elasticity, firmness and uniformity of colour.

High resistant vibro-pressed terrazzo tiles are made of cement and marble, granite and hard stone chips. The possibility of complementing the tiles with special connecting slabs produced with the same mixture and finish allows the tiles to be used in an extensive range of interior and exterior building solutions. A highly compact tile with little porosity ensures a very high resistance to bending, curling, compression and shock impact with high frost resistance. In addition, a variety of finishes guarantees an anti slip surface good appearance retention and the flexibility of being worked like a natural material.

Porcelain and Mosaic Tiles
Cutting edge technology in the production of through body and glazed porcelain tiles offer ever more a man-made alternative to all of the above, in a wide range of colours and textures, in many cases re-creating the look of natural stone. Highly resistant to stains, scratches and moisture they are a low maintenance flooring solution for both decorative and high traffic areas, where maybe budget or programme won’t stretch to the real thing. Porcelain and mosaic tiles add a decorative element to your project, with no requirement for extra sealants, polishes or polishing needed post installation.

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