An exclusive soft red handmade brick commonly known as a ‘Red Rubber’.

Our Soft Red bricks have a soft texture with subtle colour variations and slight creasing or ‘smiles’ on the face. This brick type was used extensively across Southern England from the 17th century onwards.

Our Soft Red is available in 68mm and 57mm imperial sizes as well as a 65mm metric size, genuinely handmade using traditional techniques, and frost resistant to BS EN 771–1.

Perfect for high quality renovation, restoration and conservation projects where original brickwork needs to be matched, along with high quality traditional new builds.

  • Dimensions 9 x 4½ x 2¾" or 2¼" / 228 x 108 x 68mm or 57mm
  • Dimensional tolerance T2
  • Dimensional tolerance range R2
  • Freeze/thaw resistance F2
  • Pack size 540
  • Compressive strength Mean -10.5 N/MM²
  • Water absorption (%) Mean – 13%