Olde Reclamation Clamp  


A highly attractive and characterful brick with red/orange shades which has been created to replicate the traditional handmade bricks often found in historic towns across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Cheshire and offers an ideal alternative to reclaimed bricks.

Olde Reclamation Clamp is available in both imperial and metric sizes.

This high quality brick is perfect for restoration and renovation projects, as well as new build, and F2 rated to BS EN 771–1.

  • Water absorption (%) Mean – 15%
  • Compressive strength Mean - 30 N/MM²
  • Pack size 525 / 650
  • Freeze/thaw resistance F2
  • Dimensional tolerance range R1
  • Dimensional tolerance T1
  • Dimensions IMPERIAL: 9 x 4½ x 2¾" - 230 x 110 x 68mm. METRIC: 215 x 102.5 x 65mm