Farmhouse Orange  


Farmhouse Orange is a high quality orange/red blended handmade brick with a textured appearance and some creasing on the face.

These bricks were historically used throughout middle England in the ‘Shire Counties’ to build farmhouses, barns and period country properties.

Our Farmhouse Orange is available in both imperial and metric sizes, genuinely handmade using traditional techniques, and frost resistant to BS EN 771–1.

Perfectly matching old brickwork in high quality renovation, restoration and conservation projects, these bricks are also ideally suited to and popular for new build developments.

  • Dimensions 9 x 4½ x 2¾" / 230 x 110 x 68mm
  • Dimensional tolerance T1
  • Dimensional tolerance range R1
  • Freeze/thaw resistance F2
  • Pack size 525 / 650
  • Compressive strength Mean – 30 N/MM²
  • Water absorption (%) Mean – 15%