3” Facing Handmade  


The 3” Facing Handmade is a neater and more finely textured variation of the 3″ Handmade. This type of brick is often found on facades of prestigious buildings around the Midlands and North of England.

Fully frost resistant and offering sustainable supplies for ongoing projects, this high quality brick is genuinely handmade using traditional techniques.

Offering an ideal solution for matching brickwork on period properties, the 3″ Facing Handmade is also popular for new builds, especially within conservation areas, offering a desired traditional finish.

  • Dimensions 228 x 108 x 73mm
  • Dimensional tolerance T2
  • Dimensional tolerance range RM
  • Freeze/thaw resistance F2
  • Pack size 495
  • Compressive strength Mean - 36.3 NMM²
  • Water absorption (%) Mean - 12%