IKO Permapark  


IKO Permapark is a BBA approved (Certificate No. 92/2792) specially formulated mastic asphalt waterproofing and surfacing system for elevated vehicle decks, using advanced polymer technology to give the ideal combination, of long term durability, increased fatigue resistance, improved temperature stability and ease of installation.

IKO Permapark applications include elevated vehicle decks (car parks), ramps and turning circles and HGV service decks.

IKO Permapark is suitable for a wide range of applications from pedestrian walkways, car parks, HGV service decks and access ramps.

System Benefits

  • BBA approved (Certificate No. 92/2792)
  • Advanced polymer modification
  • Completely seamless waterproofing
  • Long term durability
  • Enhanced product stability across a wide temperature range
  • High fatigue resistance – suitable to receive heavy goods vehicles
  • 20 year materials guarantee
  • Traditional application
  • Easily recyclable and environmentally non-polluting conforming to the CarbonZero™initiative


  • Material(s) IKO Permapark Paving is a polymer modified mastic asphalt paving consisting of polymer modified bitumen, graded limestone fine aggregate.
  • Durability Long term durability
  • Guarantee 20 Year materials guarantee
  • Pack weight 20kg blocks delivered to site
  • CO2 Easily recyclable and environmentally non-polluting conforming to Carbon Zero initiative

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