IG Titan System  


The Titan System consists of a front loaded shelf angle, brackets, lock washers, shims and bolts. With increased adjustability and added strength, the IG Masonry Support Titan System gives engineers peace of mind and provides flexibility on-site.

Titan facilitates front fit loading of the masonry support shelf for ease of installation while the bracket system is designed to accommodate typical build tolerance on-site, ensuring accurate installations.

IG’s Titan system provides significant adjustability in all three planes to ensure that building tolerances can be accommodated and contact with the reinforcing bar can be avoided. 

To accommodate a small increase in cavity width, shims can be inserted between the support
structure and the bracket. Shims are available in 2mm and 6mm thicknesses.

2mm shims are provided as standard. The collective number of shims should never exceed 3No. and the thickness of shims used should never exceed 12mm.