IG Welded Masonry Support (WMS) System  


Designed to accommodate loads up to and exceeding 14kN/m and bespoke fixing applications, IG WMS is fabricated to engineers specifications on a project basis.

IG's Welded Masonry Support (WMS) is a rigid masonry support system comprised of a stainless steel angle support shelf with fixed brackets.

IG’s team of engineers offer a bespoke design service including on-site measurement and technical assistance.

IG’s WMS System provides significant adjustability on two planes to ensure that building tolerances can be accommodated and contact with structural reinforcing can be avoided. Vertical adjustment can be achieved by means of a toothed lock washer and a small increase in cavity width can be accommodated by inserting shims between the support structure and the bracket. Our innovative Wedged Shim device enables the brackets to be secured true to the perpendicular even when the supporting structure is “off plumb”.

  • Special features Extra strength to support extreme loads exceeding 14kN/m, Flexibility - can be supplied in a variety of configurations, On-site adjustability, Ease of installation
  • Dimensions To suit cavity widths ranging from 50-150mm
  • Load Supports unfactored masonry loads up to and exceeding 14kN per metre.