IG TITAN Masonry Support  


Designed to meet with the industry’s demand for speed of construction, Titan is an ex- stock system with a range of components suitable for cavity widths between 70 and 150mm. The system can be specified for loadings up to 14 kN/m.

The Titan System consists of a front loaded shelf angle, brackets, lock washers, shims and bolts. With increased adjustability and added strength the Titan System gives engineers peace of mind and provides flexibility on-site.

Titan facilitates easy front installation of the masonry support shelf while the bracket system is designed to accommodate typical build tolerances on-site, ensuring accurate installations.

  • Dimensions To suit cavity widths ranging from 70-150mm (fine adjustment available).
  • Material(s) Austenitic Stainless Steel Grade 304.
  • Special features Available ex stock, Front fit loading for ease of installation, Increased adjustability, Reduces risk of working with heavy masonry at height, Fast installation, Reduced on-site labour requirement
  • Load Supports unfactored masonry loads up to 14kN per metre.