IG Brick Slip Masonry Support System  


IG’s Brick Slip Masonry Support Systems are one piece prefabricated units manufactured offsite and delivered complete with bricks bonded to them. This system offers a major reduction in on-site labour and installation time. All solutions are customised to your requirements.

IG’s lightweight brick slip units offer fast hassle-free installation and are simply installed as a traditional masonry support system. Our bespoke systems offer a 70% weight saving against an equivalent concrete product negating the need for mechanical handling.

IG receive a consignment of the brick being used on-site to ensure that the finished brick slip masonry support blends seamlessly with already constructed brickwork.

  • Special features Time saving on-site, Lightweight for fast build programmes, Simply installed as our standard Masonry Support System, Customised to your requirements, Support steelwork is hidden, No brick cutting required on-site, Various brick patterns and soffit sizes available
  • Load Supports unfactored masonry loads up to and exceeding 14kN per metre.
  • Material(s) Stainless Steel, Grade 304 (European grade 1.4307 & 1.4301) BBA approved adhesive & 25mm brick slip