Hanson Duracrete is a high performance concrete available from all Hanson Concrete plants across the UK. Ultimate strengths can exceed 100N/mm2, however it is the enhanced durability performance that is of most benefit.

Using silica fume and the latest admixture technology, Duracrete has a significantly reduced internal porosity compared with conventional high-strength concrete. This reduction improves the concrete’s ability to withstand ingress of usually harmful bodies such as chlorides. In addition to this, Duracrete has a much denser surface zone improving wear and abrasion over time.

Special features:

• Quality-assured • Better bond strength between paste and aggregates • Better resistance of concrete to attack from sulphates • Enhanced water tightness


Loading bays • Scrap yards • Warehouse floors • Service yards • Waste recycling yards • Agricultural applications • Coastal defence systems • Foundry floors • Hot material storage areas,