Mercury: Multi-Room Audio  


Multi-room audio systems provide the versatility of controlling music played in different areas of a property; from the living areas to the bathroom, and even the garden! Installing one of these systems facilitates a new level of luxury for the property owner, affording the flexibility of choosing which sounds they want to listen to, where and when. 

  • Special features Full control of music in any room of your home / Different rooms playing different music / Party mode – play the same music in every room / Wall-mounted controllers / IR Remote control / 4 source, 4 zone multi room music system / x4 IR Passthru / 20W + 20W speaker output per zone / RS232 serial port for integration with Mercury® lighting system / IP network port for integration and control / Remote control from Apple iPhone and iPod
  • Suitability/use Suitable for residential/Commercial/Hospitality