Celcon Blocks: Super Strength Grade  


H+H's Celcon Blocks High Strength Grade (7.3N/mm2) and Super Strength Grade (8.7N/mm2) are used principally where higher compressive strengths are required such as in the foundations and lower storeys of three storey buildings, piers under high vertical loads and in multi-storey buildings.

Our higher strength grade blocks were re-named from Hi-Seven to High Strength and Hi-Ten to Super Strength in 2011.  Apart from the name, there has been no technical specification changes to the product and it can be used in exactly the same way and in the same applications as before*.


  • Dimensions Face size: 440mm x 215mm
  • Thickness 100, 140 and 150
  • Weight 100mm = 8kg, 140mm = 12kg, 150mm = 13kg
  • Compressive strength 8.7N/mm2
  • Thermal conductivity (W/mK) 0.18
  • Density 700
  • Suitability/use Internal and external leaf of cavity walls, Solid walls, Separating walls, Partitions, Flanking walls, Multi storey buildings, Foundations/Below ground level, Beam and Block floors.