Slimdrive EMD  


The electromechanical swing door drive GEZE Slimdrive EMD stands out due to its numerous areas of application. The compact drive is only 7 cm high and can move large and heavy internal and external doors comfortably and quietly. This makes the Slimdrive EMD the ideal solution wherever efficiency has to be coupled with silent running. State-of-the-art control technology combined with a low-wear and maintenance-free high-power motor guarantees reliable operation even for doors which are heavily frequented. All door parameters e.g. opening and closing speed as well as latching action, can be optimally adapted. Manual door opening can be supported by the drive (servo function) and ensures that even heavy doors can be opened more easily manually. The push & go function can be activated on request, i.e. the door is only slightly opened by hand and the automatic actuation opens the door completely. In low-energy mode, the drive moves the door at reduced speed. The optional CAN interface can be used to meet demanding requirements e.g. air lock control.