A highly flexible, cost-effective, versatile and comprehensive modular kitchen furniture system comprising: Sinks, Surfaces, Frames, Cabinets and Shelving.

  • 100 mm modular sizing increments: 100 mm = 1 Decimetre (Dm) for economy and ease of specification.
  • ​Hard-wearing brushed satin stainless steel finish ensures the retention of a professional appearence even after heavy use in the most demanding  of environments. Ultra-hygienic and with zero maintenance


A flexible system of Plain Sink & Worktop Configurations

  • Choose Surface length between 5 - 38 Dm (500 - 3800 mm).
  • Choose Surface width 6 or 7 Dm (600 or 700 mm).
  • Select bowls as required.
  • Choose edge profiles (lipped or square edges).

Surfaces can be combined with Legs and Frames, including cabinets and drawer systems.


A comprehensive range of Standard Sink and Drainer Configurations.

  • Single bowl with single drainers - left or right.
  • Double bowl with single drainer - left or right.
  • Double bowl with double drainer.
  • 600 mm (6 Dm) or 700 mm (7 Dm) widths.
  • 1000 mm (10 Dm) - 2600 mm (26 Dm) lengths.

DECIMETRIC® - Frames and Storage

A comprehensive,versatile, cost-effective and flexible system of stainless steel Legs, Cabinets, Drawers & Shelves. Use in conjunction with Classic sinks and worktops or Drainers

Base Frames - including brace, single shelf and double shelf options.
Base Cabinets - open, hinged or sliding door and top-drawer options.
Tall Cabinets - open, hinged or sliding door options.
Wall Cabinets - open, hinged, sliding and top-hinged door options.
Shelving - 300 mm (3 Dm) or 400 mm (4 Dm) width options.