The eQ Prime is our new standardized range of air handling units that are part of the eQ family.

The eQ Prime has energy efficient components such PM motors, SEMCO sorption rotor and integrated controls. It offers a fully packaged air handling unit loaded with features needed to be the right choice concerning functionality and giving you low installation and operating costs.

eQ Prime is available in 8 sizes with an airflow from 0.2 m3/s to 7 m3/s. eQ Prime configuration is a block structure consisting of filters, fans, rotor and integrated controls. Optional heating and cooling coils are placed in a coil block after the supply air fan. Dampers and silencers are also available.

  • Available in 8 sizes
  • Air flow range: 0.1 – 7 m³/s
  • Compact design with supply and exhaust air in combined casing
  • High efficiency energy recovery system (SEMCO Wheel)
  • High efficiency PM motors
  • Integrated controls
  • Communication interface